Photo copyright, Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019

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Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith Bamboo Garden 2019

Bambusa ventricosa 'Kimmei'
Common Name: Kimmei Buddha's Belly

Maximum Height: 55 feet, 30-40 feet average
Container Height: 10 to 15 ft?
Diameter: 1.5 - 2 inches
Hardiness: 21 F
Recommended for USDA zone 9b - 10

This beautiful form of Buddha Belly bamboo has culms that emerge green and soon turn a beautiful golden-yellow with green stripes. Like the green form, it will grow straight and slender, given ideal conditions. This bamboo is best as a container plant where with proper care and pruning it can be a delightful specimen.

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'Kimmei' in 15 gallon container