Borinda boliana    

Height: 24 feet
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Hardiness: 10 F
USDA zone 8- 9,
not for climates with high heat and humidity (southeastern states).

A Borinda (formerly Himalayacalamus intermedius) from Sichuan: one of the fastest growing and possibly largest of our temperate clumping bamboos.  Borinda boliana has feathery green leaves and gracefully arching canes. The new shoots are pale blue in color and don't clump as tightly as some of the other Borinda and Fargesia.  This plant can tolerate a fair amount of sun but prefers afternoon shade, especially in warmer climates.  It is easily capable of 20 foot canopy height and width in a mild climate such as coastal Oregon, California, and Washington. Probably the most cold tolerant bamboo in the Borinda genus. Allow ample space for this beauty.

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Photo copyright Dain Sansome Bamboo Garden 2019
A fine Borinda boliana growing at Dave Crabtree's Shweeash Bamboo, near Seaside and Astoria, Oregon.    (photo above and below)

Photo copyright Dain Sansome Bamboo Garden 2019