photo copyright: Noah Bell,  Bamboo Garden
50" cedar planter in front of the office, containing two beautiful #10 P. nigra that are about 8 feet tall.


 photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden
This modern design has a trapezoidal taper, made with 2" x 6" cedar (60" long x 24" wide) and is also lined with rhizome barrier:   $495 ea (brick footings not included)

This style is made with 2"x 6" cedar (like above) stained with a beautiful black finish. Locally made in Portland Oregon. $495 each (brick footings not included)

Bamboo Planters
50 inches long x 25 inches wide
made with 3/4" cedar, lined with 60 mil bamboo barrier

Price:  $300  ($200 without barrier liner)
Maximum Height: 8 to 18 feet 
(depending on bamboo installed)
Diameter: 1 inch
Hardiness: -5 F
USDA Zone recommended 6 through 10
Dry Weight: about 80 lbs
Weight when filled: 300-400 lbs 
(depending on bamboo and soil type)

Planter dimensions:  50" exterior length x  25" exterior width x 26" exterior depth (interior dimensions 45'' L x 20'' W x 20'' D) 

Our new cedar bamboo planters provide a great alternative to planting bamboo directly in the ground.  Some areas, such as gravel parking strips and patios are obviously not suitable for planting in the ground, yet tall screening is often desired. Cold hardy varieties of bamboo can quickly grow into an 8 to 18 foot evergreen screen.  Our 50" x 20" x 20" rectangle cedar planters are lined with 60 mil rhizome barrier for added protection.  The bamboo in the planters to the left are 2x #10 Phyllostachys nigra. The black canes contrast nicely with the tan colored cedar siding.

- Planters provide space for 6-8 years of healthy bamboo growth. Wood is a good insulator against the heat and cold, much better than metal troughs.

- Pre lined with
60 mil rhizome barrier, fastened into the cedar along the top, bottom, and seam.

- We use 3/4" fence grade cedar, reinforced with fir 2x4s along the top, bottom, and feet.

- Maintenance required is once or twice per year: pull rhizomes away from outer edge of barrier, thin and remove older canes to maintain good health

- We recommend installing a simple drip irrigation system to assure that the bamboo gets the water it needs during the summer. Bamboo in containers are less drought resistant, especially when they are very well established.

- Fertilize 2-3 times per year with a high nitrogen fertilizer.

- We can fit 2x planters on one pallet for a reasonable shipping rate (rates vary depending on location)  Contact us for a shipping quote. or come to the nursery to pick up your planter.

- It takes 5x bags (2 cu. feet ea) of potting soil to fill a planter (10 cubic feet).  We recommend 4x bags of potting soil and 1x bale of organic compost. Larger bamboo obviously require less soil to fill the planter.

30" square cedar planters with 20 gallon P. aureosulcata Harbin Inversa.
$100 each (not lined with barrier, $175 pre lined with barrier)

Planters installed along a property line,
containing 20 gallon P. iridescens that are
about 18 feet tall.

Metal stock tanks with drain holes and insulation. ($300 to $400 depending on size)