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Fargesia robusta  'Campbell' (clumping bamboo)
Maximum Height: 12 to 15 ft.
Diameter: 0.75 inch
Hardiness:  -4 F

F. robusta has taken the horticultural world by storm, recently becoming one of our most popular bamboos. It is a great choice for a non-invasive clumping bamboo that can create a narrow screen, being taller, more upright, and more sun tolerant than most other Fargesia . It has dark green foliage and olive green culms, with new shoots that are rusty red upon emergence from the ground in early spring. The sheaths remain on the new shoots through early summer and soon fade to a light tan, giving the culms very attractive contrasting colors, like a green and white checkerboard.  In mild climates it will tolerate full sun. Afternoon shade should be provided if grown in regions with very hot summer temperatures. Cold hardy to negative 5 F, and regularly achieving 12 to 15 feet in height, this wonderful bamboo has filled an important niche.

Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2007

Phyllostachys nigra
“Black Bamboo"

Baring jet black culms and feathery green leaves, this impressive bamboo is used by many to create tall, evergreen privacy screens. Under ideal conditions Black Bamboo will grow to 40 feet in height with culms over 2 inches in diameter, but 25 feet is its average height in most climates. New culms emerge green every spring and gradually turn black in one to three years. There is always a contrast of light and dark culms balanced by slender, dark green leaves. Cold hardy to 0 F, fully sun tolerant, and versatile, this classic bamboo is an all time favorite.

Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2006

Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Spectabilis’

This aptly named cultivar of P. aureosulcata is truly spectacular. Its colors are reversed from the species, bright yellow culms with a green sulcus. It is the hardiest bamboo with yellow and green striped color pattern. ‘Spectabilis’ is vigorous, rare, and very highly sought after. Like the other forms of the species, this bamboo makes an excellent hedge or screen due to its fast, upright growth. When grown in a sunny location, the new culms have a spectacular red highlight in the spring and early summer. It will command the attention of even the most knowledgeable plant enthusiast. Cold hardy to negative 10 F!


Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, 2004


Photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2008
Fargesia sp.
(clumping bamboo)

Maximum Height: 10' (avg. 7'), Cane Diameter: "
Hardiness:  -15 F
USDA zone 5 through 9, not for climates with high heat and humidity (southeastern states).

 A newly discovered Fargesia with new culms that have attractive rusty reddish sheaths and a non-invasive root system. This introduction is proving to be one of the most hardy and versatile clumping bamboo in the landscape. It is a shorter Fargesia, only about 10 feet tall when mature, but a vigorous grower, sending up many new culms each season. The new culms of this Fargesia leaf out early in the summer, making it an excellent choice where its rapid growth is desired. Like Fargesia dracocephala and Fargesia robusta its leaves do not curl in the sun, but it is hardier than either of these. Yet like all Fargesias, it should be planted with protection from the hot afternoon sun, especially in warmer climates.
Recently determined by
Chris Stapleton to be the original "Dragon's Head Bamboo" (Fargesia dracocephala) described by Chinese botanists.


Photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2008

Fargesia nitida  (clumping bamboo)

Common Names: Blue Fountain,
Hardy Blue Bamboo

Maximum Height: 12-15 feet
Diameter: 0.75 inches
Hardiness: -20 F
USDA zone 5 - 9,
not for climates with high heat and humidity (southeastern states).

The F. nitida we sell are new seedlings with no risk of flowering for the next 100 years.

        Blue Fountain” has been in cultivation in Western gardens even longer than “Umbrella Bamboo”. The first generation of seed was collected in North Szechwan, China, for the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden in the late 1880’s. Most of the established cultivars of F. nitida originated from this early collection: “Nymphenburg”, “Ems River”, “Eisenach”, “deBelder” to name a few. At the turn of the millennium, after a long and prosperous life of lending brilliant color and texture to landscapes across Europe and the United States, they are now in the midst of their 120 year flowering cycle. The first generation of F. nitida loved by many, will flower and abruptly perish within the next few years.
      Fortunately, we were able to germinate seed collected in 2002-2005 from one of the fi rst European cultivars,
F. nitida ‘Chienevieres’, that began the flowering process. We have planted over 100 of these vigorous, young seedlings on our nursery grounds, watching for unique characteristics to emerge. We curently have seedlings for sale as we wait to select and name a new generation of cultivars with the most desirable qualities. The name “Blue Fountain” refers to the dark purple and bluegrey culms supporting a fountain shaped plume of delicate, evergreen foliage. It is extremely cold hardy, which, combined with its stunning appearance, make F. nitida among the most horticulturally important bamboo. We also offer Fargesia nitida ‘Nanping’, collected in the late 1990’s from the Sichuan province of China and not expected to fl ower any time soon. It has the same hardiness and shape as F. nitida, but the leaves have a subtle iridescent gloss which adds to their appeal. Fargesia sp. ‘Jiuzhaigou’  is similar to “Blue Fountain”, and there is some debate as to whether it should be classified as a F. nitida.


Timber Bamboo  (Phyllostachys)   
30 to 70 ft. tall
Mid-sized Bamboo (Phyllostachys)
15 to 30 ft tall
Cold-hardy Clumping Bamboo       
6 to 25 ft. tall
Cold-sensitive Clumping Bamboo
 6 to 50 ft. tall
Other Running Bamboo               
6 to 25 ft. tall
Small Running Bamboo                
1 to 8 ft. tall
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