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Photo copyright, Guy Hendricks, Oprins Bamboo
A nice hedge of F. robusta "Green Screen"

photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019
Beautiful color pattern on the new spring shoots

Photo copyright Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019

The height listed on the tag is optimistic, most likely, one can expect F. robusta to achieve 12 to 15 feet within 5 years, starting from a one or two gallon plant. 18 feet may be possible under ideal conditions.


Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu'
"Green Screen"

Maximum Height: 12-15 ft.
Diameter: 0.75 inch
Hardiness:  0 F
USDA Zone recommended
7 through 9
, not for climates
with high heat and humidity
 (southeastern states).

  Fargesia robusta is a  good choice for a clumping bamboo that can create a narrow screen; being taller, more upright, and more robust than Fargesia nitida or Fargesia murielae. This species has dark green foliage and light green culms, new shoots are hairy and rusty red upon emergence from the ground in early spring. The culm sheaths persist and soon fade to a light color, almost white, giving the culms a very attractive checkerboard look in the spring through early summer. It is also more sun tolerant than most other Fargesia but ideally would prefer protection from the hot afternoon sun.  We have one growing in full sun that has never shown any sign of  leaf burn. It is more compact than one would be with shade (about 10 feet tall) and slightly lighter shade of green.

Green Screen is the trade name for a single specimen of Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu' that was selected originally by Jan Oprins of Plant Oprins in Belgium. He chose this particular plant, based on its exceptional vigor and beauty, to be the subject for tissue culture propagation. Plant Oprins has made thousands of plants with identical genetics to the original favorite which has proven very successful in landscapes all across Europe. Bamboo Horticulturalist, Susanne Lucas, introduced this fine cultivar to the United States.

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Our crop of one gallon Green Screen, August, 2018

April 2019

March 2019

October, 2018

August, 2018