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Photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019
5 gallon Green Panda

photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019
Close up of large Fargesia sp. 'Rufa'.  Note that F. robusta, F. sp. Scabrida, and F. sp. Rufa all have similar culm sheaths and culms. We believe they are closely related.             
 Photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019
 Close-up showing rusty red culm sheaths

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Photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden 2019
 10 gallon Green Panda (click on photo for larger image)
Our 10 gallon F. rufa are very full. They are about 4-5 feet tall with a 30 + canes. Too large to ship standard UPS, but we can palletize and ship large quantities of 10 plants or more via LTL Freight.
Fargesia sp. 'Rufa'
"Green Panda"

(Green Panda is the trademark name by Plant Oprins for F. sp. Rufa. Green Panda are genetically the same as regular species)
Maximum Height: 8-10 ft.

Diameter: 0.5 inch
Hardiness:  -15 F
USDA Zone recommended 5 through 9
, not for climates with high heat and humidity (southeastern states).

A Fargesia with new culms that have attractive rusty reddish sheaths and a non-invasive root system. It is a shorter Fargesia, only about 10 feet tall when mature, but a vigorous grower, sending up many new culms each season. (Full description, see page: Fargesia sp. Rufa)

Green Panda is the trade name for a single specimen of Fargesia sp. 'Rufa' that was selected originally by Jan Oprins of Plant Oprins in Belgium. He chose this particular plant, based on its exceptional vigor and beauty, to be the subject for tissue culture propagation. Plant Oprins has made thousands of plants with identical genetics to the original favorite which has proven very successful in landscapes all across Europe. Bamboo Horticulturalist, Susanne Lucas, introduced this fine cultivar to the United States.

Photo copyright Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden, 2019
A large order of Fargesia sp. Rufa in the # 1 size, scheduled to be shipped out on a windy spring day

Photo copyright Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden, 2019
F. sp. rufa
Green Panda  in the #10 size