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Other Mid Size Running Bamboo (not Phyllostachys)
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Arundinaria gigantea

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis 'Suow'  "Golden Square"

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis
"Yellow Groove"

Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima'

Pleioblastus chino 'Murakamianus'

Pleioblastus chino
'Vaginatus Variegatus'

Pseudosasa japonica

Pseudosasa japonica 'Akebonosuji'

Pseudosasa japonica 'Tsutsumiana'

Qiongzhuea tumidissinoda
"Chinese Walking Stick"

Semiarundinaria fastuosa

Semiarundinaria fastuosa 'Viridis'

Semiarundinaria makinoi

Semiarundinaria sp.
'Fall Red'

Semiarundinaria yashadake 'Kimmei'

Sinobambusa intermedia

Yushania anceps 'Pitt White'

Yushania brevipaniculata



Unusual varieties

Arundinaria fangiana

Pleioblastus gramineus

Pleioblastus linearis

Yushania maling


Yushania sp. 'Climbing'

Pseudosasa longiligula

Pseudosasa usawai

Pleioblastus simonii

Pleioblastus simonii 'Variegatus'

Pleioblastus chino

Pleioblastus chino 'Kimmei'

Semiarundinaria fortis

Semiarundinaria okuboi

Semiarundinaria sp. 'Korea'

Semiarundinaria yashadake

Timber Bamboo  (Phyllostachys)   
30 to 70 ft. tall
Mid-sized Bamboo (Phyllostachys)
15 to 30 ft tall
Cold-hardy Clumping Bamboo       
6 to 25 ft. tall
Cold-sensitive Clumping Bamboo
 6 to 50 ft. tall
Other Running Bamboo               
6 to 25 ft. tall
Small Running Bamboo                
1 to 8 ft. tall
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