The following is a photo tour of Bamboo Garden.  Our nursery now occupies 20 acres in a beautiful woodland setting. The photos speak for themselves.  We hope you enjoy the tour, but please come out and visit if you get a chance  ~nothing takes the place of seeing the nursery in person. We have the largest collection of temperate bamboo in the United States and hope to help others gain a new appreciation and understanding for this remarkable plant.
18900 NW Collins Road, North Plains, OR 97133.  503-647-2700 (open Tue- Sat, 9-4)

Panoramic photo of the nursery taken from the top of the hillside.   

An impressive order of tall Phyllostachys, wrapped and ready to ship from Oregon to the East Coast.

Bamboo Garden founder, Ned Jaquith, having a quite moment with his two dogs, Oggie and Foxie.

The upper Green House, next to the office has a nice display arrangement of different bamboos for sale.

This is an aerial photo of the nursery was taken in 2011.  You can see the office and parking area at the bottom of the photo. The two ponds are just to the left of the two main green houses. Display bamboo groves flank the hillside. Most of the nursery (where potted bamboos can be found) is located in the valley around the greenhouses.
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Towering spires of Timber Bamboo rustle in the breeze. 
Phyllostachys vivax.

Ned Jaquith in his element (middle front, brown pants).  Giving a tour to a garden club and talking about his favorite family of plants. Moso grove in the back ground.

The main green house, a Cravo with retractable roof and sides. Field crew mulching in bamboo, after harvesting rhizomes for propagation.

Leafy bamboo greenery, inside the main green house.  Manuel, moving a few large Phyllostachys with the Kubota.

The upper green house is attached to the office and shipping warehouse as you enter the nursery parking area. We usually begin customer tours here and orient people to the layout of the nursery.  Visitors are welcome to take a self guided tour or have one of our bamboo consultants give a golf cart tour, covering all of the important topics and seeing various types of bamboo groves at mature heights in a natural setting.
Jiro Yonezawa's Cocoon sculpture at Bamboo Garden, woven out of split bamboo canes. (See image on left)
P. edulis "Moso" grove after a cane harvest and mulching.  Planting more Moso on "Moso Island" in the middle of the small pond.

45 gallon Black Bamboo, over 30 feet tall.  Jiro Yonezawa's Cocoon in beautiful Fall colors.
Bamboo Garden: open in rain, snow, or shine.
Bamboo propagation takes place year round: rhizome harvesting and making root cuttings. Washing out clumping bamboo rhizomes. Isaias and crew loading a large truck.

Loading the finished bamboo, from one gallon up to 45 gallon, onto delivery trucks. Noah Bell, standing in a sea of Fargesia rufa.
North road on property.  Beautiful P. dulcis new shoots.  P. dulcis is called "Sweet Shoot Bamboo" for a good reason!

Map illustration of Bamboo Garden, by Charissa Brock.  Large plants wrapped and ready to ship.

Green Heron, fishing near the pond.  Watch out for the Pandas! 

All photography on this page Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden
We often see wild life at Bamboo Garden: Merganser in the large pond, painted turtle crossing the road, gold finch in the Moso.
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RIP Oggie