A large grove of P. bissetii growing at the USDA research station in Georgia

Photo copyright: Dain Sansome, 2003

Phyllostachys bissetii

Maximum Height: 30 feet, usually 20 to 25 feet
Diameter: 1 inch
Hardiness: -10 F
USDA Zone recommended 5 through 10

One of the hardiest bamboos with dark green culms and evergreen foliage. One of our smaller Phyllostachys, usually growing only a little over 20 feet tall. Two bamboo growers though have claimed to have plants growing to 45 feet tall under ideal conditions. For us it remains a smaller bamboo. This bamboo can form an extremely dense canopy, scarcely admitting any light to the ground. P.bissetii is a great option for growing in containers because it tends to be smaller and is extremely cold hardy.  It makes a great privacy screen when grown in the ground, even in USDA Zone 5.


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