Photos copyright: Dain Sansome, BG 2019
Phyllostachys heteroclada as a screen
Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, BG 20

Phyllostachys heteroclada
Common name: Water Bamboo

Maximum Height: 30 feet
Diameter: 2 inches
Hardiness: -5
USDA Zone recommended 6b through 10

This bamboo is popular for screens and groves because of its vigor.  It is also called Phyllostachys purpurata.  Water Bamboo has air canals in the rhizomes and roots which allow it to grow in wet soils where other bamboos would suffer. At maturity this species has the darkest gray-green culms of our bamboos. It is very straight and tall.

There is a cultivar of Water Bamboo called                          P. heteroclada 'Solid Stem' which, amazingly, has a solid cane!  It also is listed by the American Bamboo Society to be   cold hardy to -11 F.  It has similar growth habit and appearance to the regular P. heteroclada in these photos, though does not  usually get taller than 25 feet.

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