Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, Bamboo Garden 2019

P. nigra 'Hale' in two gallon pot.  
Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith, Bamboo Garden 2019

Phyllostachys nigra 'Hale'
Common names: Black Bamboo

Maximum Height: 35 feet
Diameter: 2.25 inches
Hardiness: 5 F
USDA Zone recommended 7
through 10

It has jet black culms, the same as our other nigra, and like our other black they emerge green and then turn black in a while. The new culms sometimes turn black fairly quickly on our plants, but larger culms can take two or three years to darken. The upper picture is in a grove of Hale, and as you can see not all culms are entirely black. The culms that are just beginning to turn black are about 9 or 10 months old. Hale is reported to be shorter and hardier than other clones but I am doubtful. It is probably just a nice clone of nigra.

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