Pseudosasa japonica
Common Name: Arrow Bamboo, Yadake

Maximum Height: 18 feet
Diameter: 1 inch
Hardiness: 0 F
Recommended for USDA zone 7 through 10

This bamboo is one of the most widespread bamboos in the country. It makes an excellent screen or container plant. Pseudosasa japonica is also quite happy indoors. The leaves, 5 to 13 inches long by 1.75 inches wide, are much larger than the leaves of other hardy bamboos of similar size. The culm sheaths are persistent. This is also one of the best bamboos for a windy or seaside planting. Although Pseudosasa japonica is a spreading bamboo, this hedge in the lower pictures is 20 years old and has not spread under the sidewalk. Yadake, the Japanese name for arrow bamboo, is a literal translation: ya means arrow, and dake is one of the words for bamboo.

Pseudosasa japonica 
Short formal hedge   (needs a little trimming)                A ladybug for scale of leaves   Photo copyright: Dain Sansome, 2019
Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith 2019

Pseudosasa japonica   Thinned for see-through screen                       Pseudosasa japonica hedge

The same Pseudosasa japonica hedge, side view.
Photos copyright: Ned Jaquith 2019

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