Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2005
Sinobambusa intermedia

photo copyright: Ned Jaquith 2003
Powdery white new culms on Sinobambusa intermedia.

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Sinobambusa intermedia

Maximum Height: 20 + feet
Diameter: 1+ inches
Hardiness: 5 F 
Recommended for USDA zone 8 through 10

Sinobambusa intermedia has beautiful white powder on the new culms.  The photos below were taken in mid December after hard frost followed by several days of heavy rain. The foliage and young shoots suffered no apparent damage and, amazingly, the culms retained their unusual color even through the harsh winter storms.
In Portland, Oregon it has been fairly slow to spread though upright and dense forming an attractive screen, growing well in both sun or shade. The new shoots are perhaps the brightest color of any bamboo, almost a pure white.

 Photo copyright: Noah Bell, 2005











            Close up showing fall color
                   Photo copyright: Ned Jaquith , 2004