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Cold-sensitive Clumping bamboos for mild climates
These bamboos are hardy to about +25 F.
Members of the Bambusa genus, listed below, are good choices for large clumping bamboo grown in  hot, southern climates. Chusquea, Borinda, and Himalayacalamus require cool, mild climates to thrive.
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Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr'

Bambusa multiplex 'Riviereorum'

Bambusa multiplex 'Silverstripe'


Bambusa ventricosa

Bambusa ventricosa 'Kimmei'


Borinda lushiensis

Chusquea delicatula

Himalayacalamus falconeri 'Damarapa'

Timber Bamboo  (Phyllostachys)   
30 to 70 ft. tall
Mid-sized Bamboo (Phyllostachys)
15 to 30 ft tall
Cold-hardy Clumping Bamboo       
6 to 25 ft. tall
Cold-sensitive Clumping Bamboo
 6 to 50 ft. tall
Other Running Bamboo               
6 to 25 ft. tall
Small Running Bamboo                
1 to 8 ft. tall
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